Friday, March 18, 2011

Season 3 Sneak Peek

Newsome:  This playlist is off the chain!  Girl what you know about Betty Wright? 

Tabitha:  I know about "The Clean-up Woman".

Newsome laughs and shifts in his chair.

Tabitha:  Oh, I'm sorry did I make you uncomfortable?

Newsome:  Uncomfortable?  No!  Why, uh, would you say that?

Tabitha:  I don't're over there squirming like there are worms in your britches.

Newsome:  Uh, when did Lavelle say that she'd be back?

Tabitha:  In about an hour.  She had an emergency client meeting and her cell phone was dying.  She lost her car charger so, she couldn't call you. Tell me Newsome, how are things in the hotel business?

Newsome:  Busy as hell.  You'd think people would travel less since the economy is so bad.  That's not the case.  People are spending money on leisure...big time.

Tabitha leans in to Newsome watching his lips move as he speaks.  She notices his smooth skin and deep brown eyes. 

Tabitha:  I want you.

Newsome:  Huh?

Tabitha:  I said I want you and I'm pretty sure you want me too.

Tabitha straddles Newsome and starts kissing his neck.  She rubs her hand in his crotch and gyrates in his lap.

Newsome, stands up knocking Tabitha to the ground.

Tabitha:  Bitch!  Are you out of your rabbid ass mind?  Lavelle is your best friend and my woman!  All that talk about The Clean-up Woman song and were scheming the whole time!  Wait until I tell Lavelle about your fiendish ass!

Tabitha drops down to her knees and yanks at Newsom's basketball shorts.  She begins performing oral sex and Newsome does not protest.

Lavelle walks in her home, drops her keys and purse in the kitchen and heads towards the den.  She's looking at the mail, leaving a trail of her shoes and sweater behind her.  She looks up and sees Tabitha and Newsome.

Lavelle:  Oh, I see you two got started without me!

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Friday, February 11, 2011


Peyton: Let's call our friends and have the ceremony this weekend. Want to?

Aletha: Are you sure?

Peyton: 100%. Are you?

Aletha: ...

Peyton: Baby? Is there something you need to tell me?

Aletha: No, no. Everything is fine. It’s just that this weekend is so sudden.

Peyton: Let’s face it, we’re two women. It’s not like this is going to be legally binding. This is just a testament to the world that we’re going to be with each other for life. Now if you’ve changed your mind or you’re having second thoughts….you need to let me know.

Aletha: No, I’m not having second thoughts. Let’s do it.

Peyton: No, let’s not. I feel like you’re not being honest and I don’t want to force you to do something you don’t want to.


Doctor: This is going to be a little cold and uncomfortable.

Marlon: I’ll say!

Ashlyn: Imagine how I feel!

Doctor: Okay, there are the little legs and there are the feet.

Marlon: Hey Doc, get to the good stuff…boy or girl.

Doctor: The heart looks good, I see all four chambers.

Ashlyn: Oh my god! This is amazing!

Doctor: See this outline here? Looks like it’s a girl! Congratulations.

Ashlyn: It is? Oh my GOD! A little girl…baby can you believe it?

Marlon: I think I need a second restaurant to support the Jamison girls!

Ashlyn: Uh huh!

Doctor: I’ll leave you to get dressed. Everything looks good. See you in a few weeks!


Lavelle and Newsome are walking around downtown Cravncrest.

Lavelle: Listen to the guy, he can really blow! Let’s go listen.

She pulls Newsome’s arm.

Newsome: Okay, okay…just leave me my arm!

As soon as they approach the street singer, he starts to sing “Never Felt This Way” by Brian McKnight.

Lavelle: Ooh that’s my song!

She holds Newsome and lays her head on his chest.

Newsome throws a tip into the singer’s bucket.

Newsome: Damn! Baby can you pick my keys? I dropped them in the bucket.

Lavelle: You just want to watch me bend over!

Newsome: No, seriously, please baby.

Lavelle leans over and reaches into the bucket. In the bucket was a red velvet box. She opens it to reveal a set of pearl earrings.

Lavelle: Newsome! Oh my…I don’t know what to say! They’re beautiful.

Newsome: And so are you.

He leans in to kiss her and something strikes him in the back of his head. Kendrick is standing there holding a broken beer bottle. He then collapses.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

He Loves Me

Tasha is sitting in the window seat at the Cup and Book.  She is reading her Kindle and people watching.  Wesley walks by and spots Tasha sitting in the window.  He walks in and heads straight for her.

Wesley:  Hey girl.

Tasha looks up from her reading and and looks at Wesley.  She immediately jumps up and throws her arms around his neck.  They share a long and deep embrace.

Wesley:  I've missed you.

Tasha:  I've missed you too but...

Wesley:  If you just hear me out, I can explain everything.

Tasha:  Wesley it's okay.  I'm at peace with it now.  You've always had a thing for Gabrielle.  She's pretty, smart, powerful and rich.  I can't compete.

Wesley yells.

Wesley:  TASHA! 

Everyone in the Cup and Book looks at them.  Tasha is embarrassed and shrinks down into a chair.

Wesley:  What I'm trying to tell you is that Gabrielle told me that the label would drop me if I didn't agree to see her.  If they dropped me I thought that I would have had to pay back the 50k bonus they gave me.  I felt trapped.

Tasha:  Is that supposed to make me feel better Wesley?  Because it doesn't.  It actually makes me feel worse.  You sacrificed our love and our future together for a record deal.

Wesley: I called my lawyer.  He reviewed my contract and told me that it was iron clad.  He said that not only could I walk away but, I could walk away with all of my masters and the 50k bonus.  After that, I confronted Gabrielle and ended whatever she thought had begun.

Tasha:  Are you still with Silver Records?

Wesley: Yes and no.  I'm doing an LP with them and then, I'm out. I'm going to try my hand at doing this independently.  I just started teaching an R&B appreciation course at Bontemps and I'm in talks of helping to develop more music appreciation courses.

Tasha:  Well...good for you.

Wesley:  No baby, good for us.  You are my queen.  You always have been and you always will be.  I need you by my side to help me grow.  I want to be there to help you grow.  I want to see what you look like with gray hair!

Tasha:  Beautiful.  That's how I'll look beautiful.

Wesley:  Of course.  So, what do you say, Tasha McAllister, will you do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Tasha Eastfall?

Tasha:  Yes!

Wesley stoops down and kisses her passionately.  Everyone in the Cup and Book cheers!

I've got to call my momma and my sisters!

Wesley:  Go ahead.  I'm not going anywhere.

Tasha calls Rose.

Rose:  Hey baby.

Tasha:  Hey mama.  Guess what?

Rose:  Wesley proposed to you and y'all gettin' back together?

Tasha:  What?  How did you know that?

Rose:  Who you think told him where you was child?  Mercy, mercy!  God is good!

Tasha:  Yes he is.  Well okay mama, I'm going to call Arronette, Corrine and Lavinia.

Rose:  Naw now.  Don't call Vinia.  She done messed around and fell in love with dat dope boy round there and he done whopped her behind!  Let her sulk by herself.  When she get tired of being dogged out.  She'll come on round.  Now enjoy your day and let mama finish cutting up these greens.

Tasha:  Alright you.

Rose:  Love you too sugar. 

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Money is Already There

Peyton and Aletha are laying in bed talking.  The moon is full and the moonlight is pouring into their dimly lit bedroom. Peyton is laying her head on Aletha's shoulder. 

Peyton:  I'm proud of our President.  I feel like he was strong and confident during the State of Union Address.  I know he assured a lot my fears.

Aletha:  Yes, I must say that was an expertly crafted speech.  But, did you see Michelle honey?  She had on a beautiful Rachel Roy dress.  And she was killin' it!

Peyton:  She was, she was.  So, I talked to my boss at the Zoo today.  Guess what? 

Aletha:  I know they did not fire you!  You were in a coma for God's sake!  What kind of bull...

Peyton:  Hold on 'Letha!  Dang!  I was going to say, that he offered me a full time position with benefits.  He said that since I've been gone, my absence has been difficult and they realized that I am a valuable team member.

Aletha:  Really?  How valuable?

Peyton:  35k until I sit for my last exam and then you know it's Dr. Peyton!

Aletha:  Is it going to be enough room in here for your head?

She laughs.  Then as if they were magnets with opposite polarities they rushed toward each other and began to kiss.  They gently caressed each others hair and faces.  Peyton quickly pulls back.

Peyton:  Let's call our friends and have the ceremony this weekend.  Want to?

Alehta:  Are you sure?

Peyton:  100%.  Are you?

Aletha: ...

Gabrielle is at her mother's house having dinner.  She is sitting across from her at the large banquet sized dining table.  They are eating in silence.

Gabrielle:  Mother.

Marla ignores her daughter.  She takes a gulp of her red wine and gently places the glass on the table.  She wipes the corners of her mouth with an elaborately embroidered cloth napkin and returns it to her lap.  She takes a deep breath and responds.

Marla:  Yes Gabrielle.

Gabrielle:  I have something to tell you and I, I don't know quite how to say it.

Marla:  There is no "other" way to say anything.  I've told you that your entire life.  If you are an adult, you grit your teeth and you say what you need to say.

Gabrielle:  I lost the money and now daddy won't give back to me and I don't know why and I'm sorry and...

Marla interrupts Gabrielle.

Marla:  You lost WHAT money?  The money that I entrusted you with to develop YOUR artist?  Is THAT the money to which you are referring?

Gabrielle looks down.

Marla slams her hand on the table and stands up.  The china rattles as pounds the table again.  She slowly walks to where Gabrielle is sitting.  Each step quakes the floor.  She gets with in inches of Gabrielle's face.

Marla:  Now, you listen to me!  You are a pathetic excuse for a woman.  You have no business sense, no prowess, no class, no dignity and no common sense!  I left your father for a reason.  He was a money grubbing, manipulative, hoodlum dressed in an expensive suit that the woman before me bought!  I don't care if you have to strip, wait tables, sell your self or take in laundry but, god damn it you had better get my damned money!  Now get the hell out of my face!

Gabrielle:  Why are you talking to me like this?  I know I made a mistake but, I am still your child and worthy of your respect.  I can't believe you think that you can just treat people like crap and no one will ever stand up to you.  Well...

Marla slaps Gabrielle and yells...

Marla:  I don't care what you think I said get the hell out of my face and that's exactly what I mean.  Now, unless you want to fight me, I suggest you take your behind home!  GET OOOUUUTTT!

Gabrielle kicks over her chair and storms out of the house.  Marla listens for her daughter to slam the door.  She picks up her phone and dials.

Marla:  Hello fool.  Thank you for giving me the money.  I appreciate you doing one thing for your daughter after all these years.

Patrick:  Ah my dear Marla.  If only she were my daughter!  You know I wouldn't be in the mess I'm in now.  So, when should I be receiving my transfer?

Marla:  Hey, I'm an opportunist.  You wanted to marry someone with money and I needed a presentable father for my child.  It worked out.  The money is already there.  Goodbye.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm not signing!

Kendrick:  You mean to tell me that you're moving in with some nigga and I'm just supposed to accept this shit?  First you tell me you're unhappy.  Okay, maybe I haven't been the best husband I could be to you.  But, you're leaving me to be with some other mutha fucka? 

Lavelle:  First of all, you will respect me and not talk to me like I'm some heffa off the streets.  I am trying to be truthful and forthright with you Kendrick.  You walk around here like I'm the help.  Only addressing me when you want something out of me or when you want to put something inside of me.  I am more than that.  Now, I have found someone that loves me for me and actually SEES me!  How can you be mad at that?

Kendrick:  You're my wife!  That's why I can be mad.  You didn't say let's go to counseling or let's talk this out.  You just jumped into the arms of the first dude that showed you some attention.  That's real desperate.  And what's with this new house shit?  I hope you don't think that I'm letting you get away with a new fucking house and saddle me with the mortgage here!

Lavelle:  First of all, let's get some things straight, what I do with my money, is my business.  You don't know who that house was purchased by!  Second of all, I'm not living with him.  After your ass, I need a break from having a man living in my midst.  Third of all, you don't have to worry about letting me do anything because you don't own or control me.  And if you even so much as think about taking any of this out on our children, you have better sleep with one eye open because I don't play that!

Kendrick:  Why don't you just move out now? 

Lavelle:  No, I'm not doing that.  When the kids start their first semesters at Braiding Branch and Willow Woods, I'll go.  You need to get off your self-righteous high horse long enough for us to devise a way to tell them we're divorcing.

Kendrick:  Oh, no.  We're not divorcing.  I'm not signing a damn thing!  I'm the last husband you'll ever have.  So, go ahead and chill wit cha little boyfriend.  But, then, bring that ass back home!

Kendrick walks into his study and slams the door.


Valencia:  Girl, I cannot believe that you and Marlon are going to have a baby!

Ashlyn:  I know.  I'm still in shock myself.

Valencia:  Is he excited?

Ashlyn:  Too excited!  He calls me every other hour to check on us.  At first it was cute.  Now, it's just getting on my last nerve!  Good God Almighty!

Valencia:  Well that's good.  You're going to need him to be as supportive as he can be.  Having a baby is no joke!

Ashlyn:  So, how are you and Drexel getting along after your reconciliation?

Valencia:  It's been great.  He and Isis look just alike!  He helps with her and we love each other very deeply.  Can you believe that when I supposedly married "Patrick" that he had his friend draft fake marriage documents and now, they have his criminal ass in jail!

Ashlyn:  Shut up girl!  Jail?

Valencia:  And I'm so glad!  I sure do miss the shop.

Ashlyn:  Hell, we miss you too.  Maxanne and everyone are all well.  It would be great if you could come back.

Valencia:  I'll talk it over with Drexel and get back to you.  I hope he goes for the daycare option.  Mama needs some grown-folks stimulation during the day!  Hel-lo!

Ashlyn:  So, do you think that I should tell Marlon about Patrick?

Valencia:  Well, um let me see, should someone tell Randy Jackson that no one wants to wear his eye glasses?  Hell yeah!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mini Episode: Love, Exciting and New

Avalon and Jessie are shopping at the mall.

Jessie:  I can't believe how good these sales are!  I wish I had gotten in on these after Christmas sales years ago!

Avalon:  Yeah, there are some good deals out here.

Jessie:  What's up girl?  You've been acting all quiet today.

Avalon:  Nothing.  Just thinking.

Jessie:  Oh, we go.

Avalon:  Here we go?  What are you talking about?

Jessie:  Ever since I told you about my've been acting strange.

Avalon:  What should I be acting like Jessie?  When that medicine bottle fell out of your pocket, you tried to front and cover it up!  If I would have let it go, you would have lied and kept up the charade.  I told you I love you and that's why I'm still here.  But, I'm concerned.

Jessie:  And I told you I loved you and that's why I kept it real with you.  If you forgive me then, let it go.  If you don't trust me and you ain't feelin' this no more then, let's just go our separate ways.  I don't want to feel bad every time I see you.  I'm healthy now.  You've seen the paperwork.  It's up to you.

Avalon:  You know what wasn't up to me?  Whether or not I fell in love with someone who knowingly had an STD and lied about it!

Jessie starts walking away.

Lavelle and Newsome have been sending texts all day.

Lavelle texts:  When are you coming back into town?

Newsome texts:  The meetings are over tonight.  I'll be on a plane and back in Cravencrest tomorrow morning.

Lavelle texts:  Good.  I miss you.

Newsome texts:  You miss me or you miss all these clients I've been throwing your way.

Lavelle texts:  Well, the clients haven't gone have.

Kendrick and the twins walk into the kitchen.  The kids throw their backpacks on the floor and walk to the refrigerator.  Kendrick walks past Lavelle and into his study.

Newsome texts:  Did you tell him yet?

Lavelle texts:  No.  I'm telling them all tonight.

Newsome texts:  Did you pick-up the keys?

Lavelle texts:  Yes and I'm so excited!  My very own house!  I can't wait to have you over to help me warm-up the place!

Newsome texts:  The kids excited about going to their new schools?

Lavelle texts:  Yeah, they are.  I think it's going to be a good experience for them.  I'm just scared having my babies so far away from me.

Newsome texts:  They'll be fine.  Well, I've got to ttyl.  Miss you madly...see you soon.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Something I Said

Wesley is sitting in the lobby at Silver Records.  He is there to discuss the art on the cover of his album.  He walks down the hall toward the restrooms and passes Gabrielle in one of the conference rooms.  She is pacing back and forth with a worried expression on her face.  She is shouting at the phone on the conference room table.

Wesley thinks:  Good!  Someone else is stressing her out for a change.

Wesley walks out of the restroom and accidentally hits Gabrielle with the door.  She is visibly shaken and her face is running with mascara stains.

Wesley: look like shit Gabrielle. 

Gabrielle:  On my worst day, I look better than any other woman you know.  I don't need any shit from you!  Just leave me alone.

Wesley:  Leave you alone?  Ha!  That's funny.  You see, I seem to recall that every time I asked you to leave me alone, you persisted; and with a vengeance at that.  I really don't care what's going on with you.  You have destroyed so many others.  I hope you get back everything that you've been putting out there and more.  Have a nice day...bitch.

Patrick:  Gabrielle, I can't give you that money back.

Gabrielle:  Surely you're kidding me.  You've got to be kidding me!  You're going to ruin my relationship with my mother and my career.  You have to get that money!

Patrick:  Listen, you knew we'd be taking some risks when we were moving all that money around and's gone. 

Gabrielle:  Well, borrow it against your firm.

Patrick:  I wouldn't dream of doing that.  Plus, I've got my own concerns.

Gabrielle:  Like what?  First you're gay because you thought that Marlon had money.  Then, you were straight because I told you about Ashlyn.  Then, you married Valencia because she was pregnant and the baby was the key Granna's inheritance money.  You caused all this mess dad!  Now, you're screwing me over!

Patrick:  First of all, I did do all that.  But, I have the common sense to know that there is no honor among thieves.  Just because I'm your dad doesn't mean that you should have trusted me with all that money Gabrielle.  I'm not giving it back to you because I need it.  There is nothing you can do about it unless you tell the truth and I don't think you want to do that.  So, suck it up and tell your mama...or figure it out yourself.

Gabrielle:  Oh my God!  I'm your daughter for God's sake!

Patrick:  Yes, you are my daughter and I love you.  But, I don't owe you anything. 

Gabrielle:  I hate you!

Gabrielle throws the phone into the wall and runs to the bathroom.

 Ashlyn is in Coiffed styling a client's hair.  She has just finished and the client is admiring herself in the mirror.

Client:  Girl, I look just like Gabrielle Union with this do!

Ashlyn:  You sure do girl!  Just make sure you keep coming back to me or you'll end up looking like Whoopi! Okaaay!

They high five.

Client:  So, when are you due?

Ashlyn:  Huh?

Client:  You heard me.  When are you due?  Your face is just glowing and that little tummy is a big tummy now!

Maxanne:  What?  Ash you preggers?

Ashlyn:  Keep your voice down Maxanne!  What is wrong with you yelling all up in here?

Maxanne:  We knew something was up with you!  Congratulations!

Ashlyn breaks down crying and walks to her office.

Maxanne:  Well damn!  Was it something I said?